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bogdan, 31  29.05.2016  19:12

As I was a child I dreamed to live in a forest. There where I am living now within the forest do not live snakes and bears as this thought did not be crazy! Now when I had known more about life and have experience, I am understanding that it was only child's dreams, as everywhere good man can do good and bad man can do evil. Yes, I was a client of asylum, but I wanted to live far off people because of their interior world, wich is almost always a clear evil. If you cry " shit!", then in mouth do not be more sweet! I know now that these bad world will try always to do so that I felt oneself bad.
What want I now? I want to find good woman as partner for body and soul. This means that she must be faitful and hot of respect to a sex life. I search usual woman washing a great love and strong shoulder for support. I will be loving her till a grave will take she or me towards him. I will do not exchange our love on beautiful face of a alien wife! I will try to give uch money to carry her in easy restaurants with good food. I will equip my house with great pictures of my wife. She will be always before my eyes.


Антон  10.06.2016  0:51
My eyes! WTF IS THAT? Do you have a Altzhaimer?
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